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Equine dentistry is a rapidly-expanding field best served by licensed and well-trained veterinarians. Our goal is to help establish and then maintain the best possible mouth for your horse. Ultimately, we aim to:

  1. Promote optimal digestive health and longevity by having a horse with teeth that can be used to properly chew and grind feed;
  2. Eliminate sources of pain and discomfort that can distract a horse from focusing on their past training and desired performance and cause them to react objectionably; and
  3. Identify and correct dental problems or diseases at their earliest stages, and prevent future detrimental dental abnormalities or pathologies from developing, if at all possible.



 All of our veterinarians were fortunate to have graduated from veterinary school within the last decade, when major advances in the field were being made and significant emphasis was placed on educating and training future veterinary practitioners in the art and science of equine dentistry. Our doctors spent countless hours learning the necessary anatomy, physiology, anesthesiology, pharmacology, radiology, as well as the medical and surgical techniques necessary to examine, diagnose, and treat a variety of common and sometimes uncommon dental conditions and diseases. Each year, our practice sees hundreds of horses for preventative dental floats, tooth extractions, dental fractures, injuries, infections, and dental-related performance issues. Our practice is fortunate to have a portable digital x-ray unit—furthering our diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities—and a set of portable equine stocks—providing a safe and comfortable way to perform dental procedures on-farm, if required. We pride ourselves in our ability to safely handle, sedate, and restrain your horses while they receive excellent dental care. We strongly believe that every horse would benefit from a thorough dental examination with an oral speculum and a bright dental light at least annually, as even a large percentage of horses floated the year before will have inevitably developed some sharp enamel points along the cheeks and tongue as their teeth continue to erupt and are worn down.

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