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Ranch Docs offers a wide range of bovine veterinary services to our valued beef and dairy clients including:

  • Scheduled regular herd health consultations
  • Pregnancy checking (by either traditional manual palpation or by utilizing our portable bovine ultrasound machine)
  • Surgical and obstetrical services (e.g. LDA surgery, c-sections, etc.)
  • Bull breeding soundness evaluations
  • Semen collection/processing for frozen semen

We are not in the business of simply selling cattle drugs in large quantities for the lowest retail price possible. Our business model revolves around providing valuable professional services along with being “information brokers.” In other words, our veterinarians are not always simply performing a certain task for a certain set fee—instead they are combining their unique veterinary skillset with their educational foundation that allows them to objectively sort through the mountains of scientific papers, technical bulletins, and advertising that bombards and targets today’s cattle producers. Being “information brokers” means deciphering and distilling out the most meaningful information that is of real value to our clients. For example, sometimes this could mean recommending that a client use a newly-available cattle vaccine because of its proven superiority over other vaccines currently available on the market, or other times it could mean changing the timing of administering a vaccine that may have been used within a cattle operation for years but could be more beneficial if given at a different point in time within the annual production cycle. This information is of tremendous value and far outweighs the false sense of value that is often misconceived when retail drug costs are the only factor taken into consideration.

A frustrated cattle nutritionist once said, “I have a feedlot client who won’t spend $500/month for my consulting services so that I can show him how he can cut his feed costs by over $5000/month!” This nutritional consultant was truly being an “information broker”, and the client was overlooking the bigger picture.

Our veterinarians desire to work together with you to find solutions and identify those practices that can benefit your specific operation—ultimately leading to a healthier and more profitable herd—this is a big part of what our veterinarians actually “sell” at Ranch Docs Veterinary Services. Our clients can be assured that Ranch Docs is committed to furthering the ranching and dairy industries in Southern Alberta with excellent clinical and surgical skills, honest and open communication, and the same hard work that has made this area a world leader in agriculture.

(The “Clients Only” page on our website is devoted to this concept of being “information brokers” where some important documents like Ranch Docs’ currently-recommended vaccination protocols and the underlying background information that supports the rationale for these protocols can be found. Please contact one of our three veterinarians for more details.)

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